Crete-Heat® Installation

Rectangular structures offer no real challenges in determining which direction you will work in laying the panels. If one of the dimensions is evenly divisible two or four, work along with that dimension.

Structures with the irregular exterior wall will require you to think a little about how best to proceed.

Assuming the top of the drawing is North, keeping cuts to a minimum should be your primary concern. The west to east dimension is 11 feet. The north-south dimension is 13 feet. In general, starting at the upper left-hand corner of the room is preferred as the panels work best left to right as you would read words on a page. In the above illustration, the numbers reflect the panel used with the proper layout to minimize waste.

Fill material should be leveled as close to +/- 1/4" as is reasonable. One of the benefits of using the panel is that the 2' x 4' panels will float independently of the surrounding panels, thereby eliminating broken foam boards and trip hazards. You can also level as you go if you feel comfortable with the beginning grade of your fill material.

Using a box cutter or keyhole saw, cut the tongue portion of the interlock off of the 4' dimension going along the north wall as well as the tongue portion that will butt up against the west wall.

  • Doing this ensures that you get a tight fit next to the wall with a solid 2" of foam and eliminates any air gaps.
  • The grooves of the panels should always be at the bottom of the 4' dimension and to the right on the 2' dimension.
  • Place the panel with the 4' length against the west wall.
  • Successive panels to be placed in this row now only need the tongue along the 4' dimension trimmed.
  • Continue placing trimmed panels until you get to the east wall. You will most likely need to cut the final panel in this row to fit it in place.
  • Place the PERT, PEX tube in the panel at the required separation points per the specifications of the HVAC designer.
  • Installing the PERT, PEX should be a one-person job using an uncoiler to hold the PERT, PEX tubing.
  • TIP: When you make a turn, ensure the PERT, PEX is fully seated in the outside radius of the PERT, PEX on the knobs before beginning or continuing a run.

Installation Videos